Jun 022017

Moving in with a complete stranger is not something you should take likely. There are several risks involved, and sometimes you don’t realize it until it’s too late. So, the best way of taking the risk out of finding a roommate is to know what they are.

Evictions Are Tough

Once you get a roommate and they pay on time, while sticking to the rules of the lease, it will be nearly impossible to evict them. Plus it’s a long process.

First, you’ll need good grounds for evicting your roommate. For example, they’re not paying rent, or they are taking part in criminal activities on the premises.

From there it has to go to a judge, who has to approve the eviction. And chances are the roommate won’t leave peacefully, so you might need local authorities to help.

Just because you don’t get along won’t be reason enough for an eviction.

Pay Attention To The Lease Terms

Most tenant contracts involve a clause that states the lease is subject to change. This means the owner of the property can change your contract if you get a roommate, and ultimately increase the monthly rent, among other things.

Your Roommate Becomes Your Problem

If you are renting a place with a roommate, you automatically take responsibility for their share. In other words, if they don’t pay, you do. If they mess up the place and disappear during the middle of the night, you are held responsible. In fact, the owner of the property can hold both tenants responsible for damage regardless if both are guilty.

These are things you have to keep in mind before finding a roommate at www.roomzoom.com. If you have these bases covered, and you use them in your search, it will minimize the risk.

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